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Dylan 80: 20th anniversary Billion $ Birthday Bash

Salute Him When His Birthday Comes: Please join us for our 20th anniversary Billion $ Birthday Bash celebrating the life and work of Grammy Award & Oscar winner, Nobel Laureate, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, reluctant Voice of a Generation and Purveyor of fine Whiskey, Bob Dylan. 
Quoted in legal arguments, turning up in Presidential speeches, recited to Popes, feared by kings, shouted in the street, reimagined in dreams, are his songs collages or are they really prayers? Dylan has served as a mirror, or a reflecting pond, upon which our own silent movies may be projected. Dust off your Weary Visions of Dylan and Bring them down to the virtual potluck party of the decade. Bob Dylan at 80: Beatnik presents the 20th Anniversary Billion $ Birthday Bash.

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