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from the BEATS to the BEATNIK

Joshua Tree’s Beatnik Lounge gets its name from the late 50s creative energy of the Beats. Mainly out of San Francisco, Beats like Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Diane di Prima, Jack Kerouac, and many others brought the poetry of the sublime and a gritty stream of consciousness to their work to depict those at the margins, the outlaws and junkies of our society. The recent passing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the age of 101 feels like the real end of an era, and add in the fact that no one can really afford to live in San Francisco anymore, and we are left to ponder the legacy of the Beats. This month’s show asks you to consider the Beats and their creative contributions and how that anarchic spirit manifests itself at the Beatnik Lounge. Deborah Tobin, who shall remain nameless, describes the Beatnik Lounge as a “creative, artistic laboratory”; we invite you to bring your latest experiments to this month’s show to celebrate Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the Beats and the creative energy at the Beatnik Lounge

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