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     The theme of this show is the art of disabled artists: intending to include people who are chronically ill, mentally disabled, physically disabled and, people with visible or invisible disabilities. However this show is also open to advocates for people with disabilities those who are caregivers. This show is for artists who refuse to allow disease or disability to break them on the inside, no matter what they look like, or how they live, on the outside. “Bent Not Broken,” is the idea of flexibility in survival. 

     Hi-Desert photographer and activist Joe Barrett is curating the show. Joe has struggled with MS for 7 years, all the while continuing to create art. Joe’s work often takes him to physically demanding locations like Wonder Valley. He had this to say about his show.


“We need to adapt to our changing bodies, and to a society which does not value our bodies (society is judged by how we treat our weakest). There is no other option than to bend. “No other option,” is a phrase in the MS community. We have the highest suicide rate of all other diseases combined. Those that want to live say, “there is no other option,” as a response to those who are contempelating suicide. It is a mantra for how we fight that from coming true. Art plays such a part in our Survival tools. It is a way to communicate and it's an honor to do anything that helps people become more aware of what it means to be in this state forever and ever”

Bent not 


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