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January’s show challenges artists to submit works that depict not a “Brave New World” in Aldous Huxley’s novel, where people are programmed to fit a “utopian” society, but a “new BRAVE world,” as WE would imagine it, a world where run on sentences are acceptable, where one size does not fit all, but ALL sizes are accepted and all living beings are equally loved, valued and cared for because of their interdependence on each other.

Hosted by Olivia de Haulleville and Supinda Sirihekaphong, former nomads, who have found life in the desert after twisting their tongues into several languages and bending their beliefs from one way is better than another, only to discover that the language of the heart is universal. For the first Beatnik show in 2021, they invite all visionaries to submit original song, dance, visual images and sculptures, in the hope that the process of creation, heals old wounds and a “new BRAVE world” manifests.

New beginnings usually rise with an ending or letting go of something. If you’re not quite ready for a “new BRAVE world,” we invite community members to participate in this virtual ho‘oponopono ceremony. Do you find it hard to let go of something that happened in the past? Are you resentful? Do you seek or need to ask for forgiveness from someone?
If you would like to do an in person ceremony at the Beatnik Lounge, practicing strict COVID guidelines, please email Supinda for more information at




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